Sunday, May 8, 2011

Still working on the bindings

Here is one of the quilts that I have sewn the bindings to but have not yet completed the handsewing. The handsewing is my favourite part but I just don't know what I do with my time because it always feels like I have no time and more than too much to do!!!


  1. I thought these were meant to be done over Easter Barb......

  2. what a beautiful quilt
    oh I would be sewing that binding down so I can enjoy the quilt right away!
    Kathie who wishes there was 36 hrs in a day so we could get more done!

  3. Kathie - you are absolutely right about needing 36 hours a day - just think of the things we could do!!!

  4. Desley - yes they were meant ot be done over Easter :( sadly they still aren't all finished! I reckon I have a misplaced sense of what I can do in any given time period...........