Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picture of Georgetown in Baltimore

This is a wobbly photo of my quilt after it has been trimmed. I had to interrupt my 17 year old to ask him to come away from his computer game long enough to hold the quilt up. He was reluctant to say the least! Never mind that he should be studying as he is in the middle of exams!!

I am very pleased with the finished outcome so far, but ofcourse, I have yet to add the binding. This is one of my least favourite tasks and I have not cut the bias so it might have to wait a little longer to finally be complete. I went down to show it to AnnMaree at Primitive Patches as this is where I did the class. They are closing down soon and I will miss visiting there very much. I have known AnnMaree about 17 years now and she has always been the most friendly and kind person anyone could want to know. I will miss the shop but mostly I will miss the friends I have made there.

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