Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jinny Beyer and the One Man Lord of tthe Rings Show

Progress to date:

This is corner block number 3 of 'Georgetown in Baltimore'. As you can see it is still in progress but it has been a fun block to do. I have been trying to finish too many projects, so I am now tryig to focus on this particular quilt because I have the least to do on it.

Yesterday I had a huge day!

Firstly, I had the opportunity to go with my lovely sister in law to hear Jinny Beyer speak on colour (I am sure she spells it color - but what can I say - I spell it colour!) This was at the Bay Quilters group in Beaumaris. It was fantastic, there were heaps of people, there probably about 120, which was a lot squeezed into the local library hall. Jinny spoke for 2 hours with lots of audience participation and much fun was had by all. The main side effect of this for me is that now I have even more quilts I want to make.

Secondly we went to see Charlie Ross do his 'One Man Lord of the Rings' show at the Playhouse in Melbourne in the late afternoon. If you get a chance to see this - go it is hilarious. We have previously seen him do 'Star Wars'. You do need to have read the book or seen the movies but it is very funny. He is very talented. I would be hard pressed to pick my favourite character from his rendition but it might be a toss up between the leader of the Uruh-hai Orcs (the one who kills Borimir) and Smeagol/Gollum - just fantastic.

Though another problem I have after a really interesting day like that is that I get so overstimulated I can not sleep. Never mind, it is nice to have the chance to do/see such terrific things!

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  1. We saw Star Wars a little while back - very funny!