Monday, April 25, 2011

Knitting & Fungi

Yesterday I spent the day in Daylesford at a 'Fungi Workshop' run by Alison Pouliot, a local fungi expert. It was a great day which included a field trip to a native eucalypt forest and an 'exotic' pine forest. I couldn't get over the vast number of fungi and the variation in type etc. We do have edible fungi but we seem to have more poisonous ones. I can not say that i would be super confident in my ability to recognise and select 'safe' fungi. I have only done a small amount of sewing but I have all but finished my knitted vest, I just have to sew it all together. Now all I need to do is focus in the quilt bindings........................


  1. How is the binding going? Last night I got two sides of my quilt sewn down.

  2. Desley, The bindings are on - but...............I have not completed the hand sewing - fail :((