Thursday, April 10, 2014

I finished one quilt!

I finally put the binding on a quilt I completed about 4 years ago. My lovely daughter has it now, she is pleased with it. What do you think?

Here is one of the two quilts in the Castlemaine Applique Group exhibition. That was a terrific weekend and the money raised was for such a good cause.

 I am hoping to stay more up to date from now on!

It has been a while!

Well, I have no really good excuse except that time just flies when you are having fun! Since I last posted we have had a fabulous holiday in the USA - though the Polar Vortex was something to be experienced, We had a wonderful white Christmas with family:

I was lucky enough to get some sewing done when it was just too cold to go out!


The weather was very warm when we returned home and we couldn't help but notice how dry the place was:

I have lots more to share but it will have to wait until next week! See you then!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New project & Rainbow

Here is the progress

so far on a quilt I am making at the moment, I am trying to finish off a lot of projects but I keep being distracted by all the other things I want to make - a problem a lot of us share I think!

This evening there was a really lovely rainbow, sadly the photo doesn't do it any justice:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jelly Roll Squares:

I have made good progress today sewing together my jelly roll squares.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meet Moriah!!

OK, I know I may be too old and/or too fat to ride a bike but I decided that I would take the plunge and get myself a bicycle. So here she is! Her name is Moriah and I have safely ridden her home from the bike shop (through the back streets!) I am hoping to ride her to work (not too far - 3 kms) and to try to avoid the tram tracks!!!

Isn't she a beauty!

On the sewing front I have almost finished the Joseph's coat with buttons. Pictures will be supplied in a day or two, and I have been working on this fun thing with a jelly roll. Not too bad for half a day's work!!  These are just laid out at the moment, I have another 32 blocks to finish and then I will make the final placement adjustments as required. A lot of fun. The idea came from watching the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials on You Tube.

Monday, June 24, 2013

More and More buttons......

Here they are folks - just a few of the buttons for Joseph's coat......all that has to happen now is for them to be pressed and sewn on.....

Did you see the Super moon last night? I was very excited but my photos were a bit disappointing. I really need to learn how to use Lightroom properly!!

The top one is with the cloud cover the second without. I had hoped to get more clarity.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Joseph's coat with buttons......

Well, Joseph's coat is coming along but the buttons are driving me made. I thought I had made enough but I was way out (of course if I read the instructions I would have known that!) Who reads instructions I hear you ask? Here is some of the quilt ready to be joined together. The fabrics have been fun to work with. I have  added some photos taken in country in Victoria recently - just for interest
More buttons to be added!!
Sunset near Guildford

Reflections off the dam - now it is full of water, thank heavens!

Some of the interesting sand stone rock formations around the place,