Monday, November 28, 2011

Hope Quilt

When I left my job last year I was very spoiled by the staff and one of the lovely gifts I received was the Quilt for a Cause Hope Quilt tin with all the pattern and all the material to make the Hope Quilt. I am on the final stages of completing it, here it is in pieces ready to be sewn together. The tin alone is the most lovely thing.

You can see that the strips are just lined up but it gives you an idea of how it might look by the end of the week when it will be finished!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fun at the Applique Society

Yesterday was a lot of fun as I went to the Applique Society Meeting at Castlemaine. This is organised by Megan who works at Threadbear. We had a wonderful time and Corliss of Threabear provided wonderful door prizes and kind gifts for attendees as it was the pre Christmas meeting. It is so inspiring to see the fabulous work that everyone does. I was just hand piecing but there is work done by the people who attend that is mind boggling. I didn't take any photos but there was lots of show and tell. Here is my lovely door prize and some of my piecing:

Strong winds in the Country last week

We went up to our place in the country over the weekend and found this:

We were lucky as the house wasn't damaged but there is  a very big mess to clean up!! No doubt the local snakes will be lurking in amongst that lot too.............

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picture of Georgetown in Baltimore

This is a wobbly photo of my quilt after it has been trimmed. I had to interrupt my 17 year old to ask him to come away from his computer game long enough to hold the quilt up. He was reluctant to say the least! Never mind that he should be studying as he is in the middle of exams!!

I am very pleased with the finished outcome so far, but ofcourse, I have yet to add the binding. This is one of my least favourite tasks and I have not cut the bias so it might have to wait a little longer to finally be complete. I went down to show it to AnnMaree at Primitive Patches as this is where I did the class. They are closing down soon and I will miss visiting there very much. I have known AnnMaree about 17 years now and she has always been the most friendly and kind person anyone could want to know. I will miss the shop but mostly I will miss the friends I have made there.

Monday, November 7, 2011


We have a new clutch of Phascogales in our roof in the country. We have provided the mother with lovely nesting boxes but she still prefers the roof space. This is a picture of one of the babies coming out to feed at night.

Georgetown in Baltimore quilted

If you go to Desley's blog you can look at the lovely work Desley has done on my Georgetown in Baltimore quilt!! I am, as always, thrilled with her work. It is always exciting to go and collect my quilts from Desley as she makes them sing! She also quilted the apple core quilt for my daughter's car. Bec was thrilled with the finished quilt and now has it over the backseat of her car.

 You can also see how comfortable Clancy, our old Cavalier is at our place in the country. He has pride of place on the couch, and he loves to snuggle up in the cushions near the quilt.
 Over the long weekend I purchased this lovely wire art as I thought it would look great on the kitchen walls in the country. What do you think?