Monday, April 2, 2012

Gorgeous Autumn

Yes, it is Autumn again, my favourite time of the year! Lovely sunny days (but not too sunny) and crisp mornings with lovely cool nights. I just love it.

Here is Clancy enjoying the view across the front of the place in the country. We have to keep him in a fenced enclosure because he likes to run after any passing car/bicycle or animal!!
 We also spotted this Scarlet Robin near the house. I thought Robins were an exclusively Northern Hemisphere bird - but as usual, I was wrong..............
School holidays are here too, this means that our son will remain glued to the couch playing computer games for 2 weeks when he should be preparing for his year 11 studies........I am sick of nagging him to get stuck into it. It seems to have the opposite effect anyway, so I am resigned to seeing him but not getting any interaction with him for the next few weeks.